The impalpable delicacy of POP

An elegance out of the time and space,  mixed to rock and pop touches give life to the new Autumn Winter 2017/18 collection. 


Fall it’s started…Which are the new color trends?

Every new season brings changes and news, one of them is certainly the color. These in fact continue to vary and those who were in vogue last year might not be doing ok for this winter. So here are our tips on what are the super fashion nuances and how to wear them depending on […]

Autumn has just begun, what to buy?

Summer is over, it’s time to renew the wardrobe! The question they all make is: what is the first purchase I can make?

Holiday plan: the perfect suitcase

Fashion tips to be glamorous with taste even under the sun of your vacation spot. No more without: awareness of your body and right mood. Each year we are submerged by new trends and crazy style choices from all the celebrities. The important thing is to remember to select the ones that are best suited […]

The impalpable delicacy of POP

An elegance beyond time and space mixed with rock and pop touches inspired the new Fall Winter 2017/18 collection. Princesse Metropolitaine for this season is dynamic, strong but without forgetting its innate irony that gives each outfit an unmistakable and unique touch.

Sale: what to buy now and wear all year round

Conscious shopping, few days ago the Spring Summer 2017 sales started, for the most careful women, this can be even more profitable. Why say no, if buying today means enlarge both summer and the autumn wardrobe? Don’t miss the sale from Princesse Metropolitaine online shop and choose the garments that best suits you.