“Princesse d’hiver” on a longboard

When elegance blends with the street-style

Chic Laces and collars get mixed with neoprene-sweaters and energetic edges. The “Princesse d’Hiver” is aut- ironic, polite, vibrant; she’s the one who could run on a longboard with high heels. For the Autumn-Winter 2015/2016 collection Princesse Metropolitaine discovers herself glittering, dynamic and sporty but not forgetting its finesse and innate elegance.

The distinctive chic style of the brand meets the world of sports with all its rules and delicate balances: shapes, fabrics, patterns and artworks create masculine trousers that fit perfectly with embroidered T-shirts, neoprene-sweaters that blended with laces and collars, zippers that become something totally different when combined with skirts.

The A/W 15/16 collection enhances itself around this cornerstone: the proposed outfits tend to soften the tones of more precious and important pieces of clothing, so that they’re perfect for any everyday occasion. This Winter the Femme Princesse will be able to wear a laces-equiped sweater to have a walk in LA’s beaches or a square-shaped dress with boxe boots to have breakfast in Paris. The attention for details, the careful choice of fabrics cannot be missing even in winter. Dresses’ neutral colors that go from optical white, through cipria, to ice white, blend surprisingly with black, night blue and smoky grey, creating a palette with masculine traits. Tones of wood, china and strawberry add a bit of vivaciousness.

The chosen palette, enforced by the embroideries and cherished fabrics, gives to this collection a refined and trendy taste and determinate the feminine character of Princesse Metropolitan, but underlines its power and genuineness as well.

In fact used fabrics underline the mix of sport and bon ton, of feminine and masculine: from the jersey to the sweater, the variety of textile widens from laces and velvets to comfortable and fine wool, creating clothes that are in contrast with each other, but if combined together the results are as much unexpected as armonious.

An up-to-date collection with a refined and delicate footprint… the perfect signature of Princesse Metropolitaine. The stylistic eclepticism of this collection undeniably remarks the capability of the brand to downplay, always a defining tract of princesse and of all the “princesses” that decide to wear it! Princesses that know the best jewel is their smile.

Sporty therefore, yes, but always ironic, delicate and refined! Our lady faces a world made of sweat and stress with its chic and flawless style: who says you cannot be perfect on a longboard?!