La vie c’est un Roller Coaster

A collection made to let you play with your look , to be who you want everyday!

Princesse Metropolitaine Spring Summer 2016 collection takes its inspiration from the desire to play with one’s own look in order to create everyday different outfits depending from mood and situation.

This incipit is the goal of the fashion team, to create different looks depending on the mood and the occasion, “playing” with fashion and creativity.

A sophisticated taste and a romantic touch have been mixed together with the pop and streetwear look, creating, in this way, different combinations every time, but always transposing to whom is wearing the soul of the brand.



The master of the collection is the color: neutral tones that come from nature are blended with pastel ones and mixed with deep and vibrant colors create new strong and unconventional combinations, but keeping the chic identity of the brand.

Shapes are moving on: midi length are now almost in every single piece and Courrèges shapes start appearing in the collection, a recall not too hidden to the 70’S, which are very popular at the moment.


A touch of Haute Couture, given from printed jacquard and stiff fabric like reps, these, combined with very fine cottons and colorful laces, give to collection the bon ton allure typical of the brand.

Another piece of news from this season is the appearance of prints, these take inspiration from the leitmotif of the brand, such as polka dots and striped design, giving an innovating face to the same and making as a thread for the entire collection.

The result is a capsule collection from which every single modern princess can get different outfits to have fun or amaze all the people around or even herself.