The Fairy tale: When dreams come true

dream, escape, liberty, strength and irony…

The Autumn/Winter collection 2012/13 finds its inspiration from the dream, from the necessity to escape to the reality that every woman has, to feel herself free, strong, feminine and ironic at the same time.

From these above words it is very clear which has to be the title of the collection “the fairy tale: when dreams come true”, to make every woman the heroine of her own tale.

Smooth and comfortable cloths are perfectly mixed with fitted and strong dresses. Details, that make a piece unique, are always there in the collection above all on knitwear, gritty and never common.
The match of knitwear and cut-and-sewn is always there in the collection, in this way we have garments with a double use.
Embroideries and handmade workings make part of outfits suitable for every occasion, from a working breakfast in the fashion district, till a glamorous happy hour on the easy-chic quarter as Soho and Les Marais.

A color palette with soft and neutral tones, that recall the magic of dream, are perfectly mixed with stronger ones that give to collection a metropolitan and modern touch.
Princesse Metropolitaine is a fashion line who wants to render actual and contemporary the classic concept of the fairy tale because despite the speedy  pace of everyday life, every woman can write her story in any moment.