One day as a Princesse!

the best accessory is the smile !

From the title of the collection, it is immediately clear the aim of the fashion team, which is to create a collection for women who want to feel like a modern princesses.
Princesse Metropolitaine with its first collection is aimed to strong, modern and ironic women that hide within them a today Princess, but  at the same time a dreamers , who never leave to look to the future but , with one foot still firmly anchored to the its origins .

A woman who never takes life too seriously and who knows that the best accessory is the smile !
Princesse Metropolitaine with this collection is tryin to create a ” way of dressing ” that allows every woman to leave the house in the morning and , just changing the accessories , can stay out till evening , having always a look that fits the situation they will have to face.

Materials used are always natural , from lightweight cottons till crispy silks ; colors are very nice and sophisticated , leaving only two shades to be more bright and strong.
So , on tiptoe , Princesse Metropolitaine presented its first collection .