When girls meet boys

The femininity of woman marries the elegance of male cult pieces and in this way is born the fall winter 2014-15 collection of Princesse Metropolitaine .

A collection for strong women who aren’t afraid to play with their look using typical details of men’s fashion, and at the same time marry the refinement of lace, prints and touch bon ton of the female wardrobe.
They want to feel independent, but still in searching of the famous “light blue prince”.
Ironic and romantics, they play with fashion without fear of being noticed.

A collection in which the tuxedo is woman and the icons of the same become glamorous details. The tie becomes a tape with floral touches and the bow tie leans open at the collar.

The palette turns the power of black and white , appearing on dresses and perforated cuffs, to strong tones as strawberry, green and the blue sea that ignite the season to enrich the palette of the wardrobe.

Femininity is underlined with polka dots print and jacquard fabric very popular in this moment.
The choice of fabrics confirms and emphasizes the trend for this collection, cotton piquet for woman shirts together with wool lace, so romantic and masculine at the same time, as a fil rouge it cannot miss a full embroidered dress, to be a princesse all the time!