Swinging London

London sixties, fervor, optimism and wishing for new!

That’s what inspired the Fall – Winter 2016-17 collection designed by Princesse Metropolitaine.
Inputs are interpreted with a modern and POP key, to create , as always, something new and to allow every woman to “play ” with her wardrobe.

From colors to shapes , everything brings us back to that positive ” world ” from which we took inspiration for this collection. All of these points are mixed up together and contaminate the “World” of Princesse Metropolitaine creating something different from the past.

The wide shapes of dresses, almost like a bell, typical of the ’60s , are blended with our classic ones, more structured ; “waists” are moving up, giving a slender and elegant allure to the female figure.

Preppy touches, very congenial to Brand, never fail. Finely hand-embroidered collars , funny papillon and bodices worked with lace give a sign of continuity always sought by the creative team .

Lengths become mini , midi and maxi so as to embrace every need, daily and not.
Trousers become extra wide, giving character and strength to outfits, creating perfect match with our man cut ones, an evergreen of the brand. All this creates many strong outfits for every occasion.

The palette consists in deep tones such as total eclipse and burnt russet , bright shades like Galapagos green and Olimpian blue and dusty tones like Cuban sand. These melt one with each other, creating combinations always perfect and never predictable ; for a woman who likes to be “special” even in ordinary situation.

Materials used are designed to make each item unique in shape and workmanship . Precious jacquards , an elegant and fluid crêpe , a yarn dyed tartan , a special lace and our merinos wool for knitting , come together , creating a contemporary and sophisticated collection perfect for a woman who always wants to have a different look depending on her mood and the situation in which she is located.

A current, ironic and everyday collection that reinvents every time the concept of modern princess.