Colorful multistriped , seen on Glamour

From traditional folkloric dances of South America, to paintings of African tradition and till the finest boutiques and in our closets.It ‘s time to give space to all the colors of the rainbow and to our loved, maybe even a little feared, stripes.

It ‘s true as said, not all women can afford them, because, let’s face it, do not help the feminine figure. Do not fear all modern princesses can chooses stripes and the perfect combination that will allow to be trendy without giving up to be nice and lovely in all the moments of the day.

Working Time: Tops and dresses with stripes and floral inlays alternate geometries with large polka dots in soft tones or the most heated harmonies for your office look

Leisure:  seafaring t-shirt enriched with decor details, embroidered bows with trims give to the casual look a sparkling touch!

Cocktail event: with the first sun rays is now time to outdoor aperitifs and parties. You can sported a top, a skirt or a dress fully striped in multicolors tones.

If you still have doubts let them get behind … It also says Glamour!