Ready to wear realized with experience

Princesse Metropolitaine is a young and dynamic fashion line that presented its first collection of ready-to-wear woman in the Spring Summer 2012. it has been created by an italian desginer.

The collection is aimed to an ironic , never boring and fun woman who interprets the everyday routine following her feelings and so she changes her look according to it.

She likes to play outside the box and like a true modern woman goes beyond the rules of the time researching models of femininity from every era.

Our icon preserves in her heart the “values f the past” , but has her feet firmly in the present and an eye to the future.

She keeps moving and she is not afraid to test herself. Our womanwears cloths that sometimes, are out of the context, but her elegance and never trite look perfectly matches with her modern and strong attitude.

So a real princess of our days….

Princesse Metropolitaine - Company