Dreaming of a weekend away

Let’s face it, this 2020 has started in the most unexpected way possible and all we would like to do now is go out and maybe leave for a weekend away, not necessarily going who knows where, but just for the sake of being able to escape a little!

Whether this is really a feasible thing or not, in the meantime we can prepare ourselves to try to be ready. So what could we bring to avoid making a suitcase full of clothes?

Follow our advice here and you will see that you won’t be wrong!

  1. If you leave for two or three days the important thing is never to go overboard with the size of your suitcase. You can do this by “counting” exactly the days you will be away and preparing a look for each moment.
  2. For the day, you will only need a pair of Bermuda shorts, the must-have for this summer season, and two / three blouses that you can run over a single pair of shorts, thus saving space and your beautiful garments will not crease.
  3. For the evening, choose two outfits, one for each night you spend outside, think carefully with everything trying to use accessories that can fit both your outfits! It is true that it will be more demanding but think about when you will remove your beautiful clothes from the mini suitcase and they will be perfectly in order …. a beautiful feeling, also because for the first time you will not even have to fight with your boy for the disproportionate size of your Baggage!