Fall it’s started…Which are the new color trends?

Every new season brings changes and news, one of them is certainly the color. These in fact continue to vary and those who were in vogue last year might not be doing ok for this winter.
So here are our tips on what are the super fashion nuances and how to wear them depending on the occasion. Bordeaux, petroleum green and sugar paper are the great news, surrounded by the most classic navy, black and powder. But how to wear them? And in which occasion?
Everybody knows that evergreen tones are reassuring and versatile, but every now and then all women want to dare and change a bit.

So now, let’s start with the most glamourous.

Bordeaux is a sort of red, the color of love and passion, wear it for a romantic dinner with your boyfriend, you will be seductive and very sophisticated. What many do not know is that all the blood colors give to all complexions and all hair colors, whether you are blond or brunette, lights your face. Therefore the bolder ones can opt for a total look burgundy, but for those who do not want to dare too much, they will be able to choose it as a detail, like on a trouser or a sweater.

Petroleum is a mix between blue and green, deep and intense, so use it in total tranquility for a working day or for dinner with friends. You will be fashion but not too flashy. You can choose it as a unique shade or match it to almost any other shade. The beautiful of this color is a kind of complementary, so it is perfect with light shades like ivory and powder or dark ones like navy and black.

The sugar paper is the great news, unfortunately it not easy to wear, in fact it is perfect for those women who always have gold skin, which are not too many, but if used in combination with a blue one, it can be perfect for work or leisure. Chic and glamor at the same time.

Navy, powder, black, light gray, charcoal grey and ivory are the “ever green” of fashion, so maybe you think more trivials, but this is absolutely not true. Think about those days where you don’t know what to wear and you cannot spend many time to search the perfect outfit, those, are the days in which you have to wear them. The only advice for these colors is: dare with shapes, drops, details and never forget your wonderful smile.

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