Far perfumes for a modern Princesse

The Spring Summer 2018 season of Princesse Metropolitaine takes inspiration from far; exotic perfumes and sophisticated colors are the protagonists, giving character to outfits and tracing the guidelines for a collection that will let people talk.
The creative team has chosen to develop the concepts mentioned above, through maxi prints with Caribbean flavors mixed with sparkling and at the same time chic tones, adding romantic touches, typical of the brand.

The wide and soft silhouettes of the clothes tell the fantastic journey that the brand wants to give to anyone who wears them.
Trousers gain strength and personality through contemporary shapes and chic details, creating harmonies with blouses and sweaters, for a total look like a true modern princess.
The fabrics used, such as cotton mixed with lace, silky and transparent jacquard prints, have been studied and chosen in such a way as to give a very strong reference to the mood that inspired the season.
The precious handmade embroideries enrich the garments giving uniqueness to each of them and the reference to the design of the prints reinforce each theme of the collection and make it transversal for use and taste.
Sparkling colors such as blazing yellow and berries mix with tones with a more classic flavor, such as ocean blue and powder, creating combinations that are never banal and sophisticated at the same time.
The result is a capsule collection from which every single and contemporary princess can create different looks to amaze and have fun.