Holiday plan: the perfect suitcase

Fashion tips to be glamorous with taste even under the sun of your vacation spot.

No more without: awareness of your body and right mood. Each year we are submerged by new trends and crazy style choices from all the celebrities. The important thing is to remember to select the ones that are best suited to you, in order to make yours, only the details that really fit your personality.

For the day: on the beach the password is light. Free way to colorful t-shirts and vichy crop tops to wear with shorts for easy chic style.

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For the evening: if your program is a dinner with your boyfriend, you can wear a long dress with tulle skirt, it will make you feel elegant and glamorous. If, on the other hand, the night is all over for cocktails and disco you can opt for a full embroidered top to wear with a high waisted pants.

In any case, your suitcase will always have to reflect the location where you will be, so choose a heel 12 only if you are heading to the Costa Smeralda or Cote d’Azur beaches. For all the other places, flat sandals will be your best friends.

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