In love with flare trousers

Chic but also comfortable because they are wide and soft. Wide trousers have conquered the hearts of many of us in recent seasons.

In spring, then, they give their best, even in the short version (the famous culotte pants) which is perfect even with flat shoes!
But if their success is now a certainty, a little more complex can be understanding how to wear them and, above all, with what shoes to wear them.
That’s why we have created a mini guide for you that will show you how to wear loose pants.

Culottes pants
These are nothing but the wide ones up to the ankle, they are perfect if worn with a pair of sneakers or even with a sandal, which will lengthen your figure. In addition to being extremely versatile, these trousers are also by now very trendy and their combinations can be truly infinite.

Printed flare pants
Never like this season matchy-matchy is really a trend not to be missed, think of a fancy trousers combined with a blouse or a dress always with the same print. The result will be truly WOW! Obviously when it comes to flare pants the shoe really has an important weight, the correct thought to do in these cases is to choose it based on the total look you have created. So a great yes to flat shoes, such as sneakers or ballet flats, if the top part of your outfit will be small and tight; if, on the other hand, you prefer more “over” overlays (pants with a suit) then your choice will have to forcefully fall on a sandal with a heel.

Plain flare pants
In this case you will be spoiled for choice in choosing what to combine with it, in fact you can opt for a ton-sur-ton or on contrasting color options. Here too, however, you must follow the “rule” indicated above for the matching of the shoe.

Wide trousers in general are very comfortable and give almost all female figures, however you have to be careful in choosing the correct accessories!