It’s wedding season

June, July and September are a very hot period for ceremonies, and the most important question that women often do to herself is “what can I wear?”

So we decided to realize something that might be perfect for those occasions.
Doesn’t matter if you are the bridesmaid or just a simple invited woman, the important thing is that you always have to feel elegant and perfect.
Of course there are the ” Instructions ” to follow:
– Heels or not? ! ? ! the answer is obviously positive . It ‘s true that sometimes are not very comfortable , but for those occasions you will have to tighten a little teeth ! Avoid if anything, the heel 15 !
– Length : no dresses or skirts too short , first of all you are not going to the disco , and above all why not try the midi lengths ? This year are the latest trend !
– Fantasies fabric: printed , embroidered or jacquard ; these are perfect too!

Please see the gallery here below and be amazed by it!