Lace for spring season? It will not be “pure vanguard” but we love it anyway. And you?

It can be sensual but also hyper romantic. Bold but at the same time delicate and bon ton.

Let’s talk about lace, the most feminine fabric par excellence. That becomes the protagonist of the spring wardrobe.
Well, let’s make a clarification: to be honest, our beloved lace has not stopped being a must have even during the winter. But it is precisely in the summer that it expresses its best, declining on clothes and blouses with a see-through effect.

From the most chic clothes, to show off mainly in the evening and on the most refined occasions (trust me, they will come in handy primarily for weddings and elegant ceremonies that abound in the summer).

Up to the most “easy” garments to wear with ease even in everyday life: a short top or a shirt, perhaps, to be mixed with a simple pair of jeans to give a special touch to your daily looks.