Nostalgia operation: tops with thin straps

For some time now, many have been focusing on this so-called “nostalgia operation”, but what does it actually mean? And how does it really affect our wardrobe?

As everyone already knows, fashions follow a life cycle: they are born, develop and die and after a lapse of time they return again to tread the catwalks. This cannot be defined exactly as a nostalgia operation, in fact the latter is a slightly different thing, it is in fact to resume fashions that for some reason have made history and in this way precisely recall the nostalgia of those who buy who remember having worn something like this in the past.

This is the case of the top with suspenders, super in vogue in the 90s, worn by the myths of the time.
Obviously the key to reading these has changed and has been renewed but, with a vague hint of being able to look like Rachel Green (by Friends). So what are you waiting to make them yours? Our pets have worn them with such success, who knows, this can’t happen to you too!