Pink is the new black!

This is really the season for this color, that we are talking about soft tone like powder, or more bright ones like strawberry and fuchsia. This is the pink year! But how to wear it?

Here there are our tips and tones we have chosen for this collection.

  1. Let’s make the first premise, pink, in any of its shades, is an easy color, which adapts to all the complexions and perfect for every woman, because it embodies the sweetness of childhood, the memories of childhood and that sweet taste of Gummy candies, which we have always loved as children. That’s why in our opinion pink is always a nuance much loved by women.
  2. For this season we have chosen two tones, one more soft, almost ancient and one more bright, like the berries. The first one thus becomes almost a basic color, to be combined with bright one such as strawberry and canary yellow, therefore suitable for all occasions and also for those, few, women who do not want to look like real-life barbie. The second is the fashion nuance par excellence, adored by bloggers and fashion victims, this must obviously be combined with more moderation, the harlequin effect is not back in vogue, but perfect for those days of summer where the desire for the sea and vacation becomes really unsustainable.

Look at our gallery, you will find delicious clothes, trousers and perfect details for dinners, weddings and summer aperitifs and why not even for the daytime!