Princesse Metropolitaine T-shirts

T-shirts are now a MUST-HAVE  from few seasons for woman collections of international fashion world and Princesse Metropolitaine has created a capsule of 4 t-shirts, which are very special and unique.

In fact we wanted to play on the small differences that have always characterized our collections: Male / Female details.
As you can see in the gallery below, our t-shirts have always a male details, however, they are perfect for women because these are embroidered and we played with maxi size that make fun and never dull end result.
These items, are also appreciated by our retailers because they are in 100% cotton, and entirely hand-embroidered by fine craftsmen.
Even our more close bloggers and affezionate celebs wanted the same to complete their own outfits.
Different outfits for women with different needs , from a working breakfast to an afternoon shopping around until happy hour super glamorous , these t – shirts have the ability to adapt perfectly to every look and for almost any occasion ….seeing is believing.