Sale: what to buy now and wear all year round

Conscious shopping, few days ago the Spring Summer 2017 sales started, for the most careful women, this can be even more profitable. Why say no, if buying today means enlarge both summer and the autumn wardrobe? Don’t miss the sale from Princesse Metropolitaine online shop and choose the garments that best suits you.

Here are our tips

The tulle skirt
This item can be used allover the summer period, but also during the winter. In fact just adding a pair of mat tights or funny socks, this garment will be your must-have for the winter too.




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In summer they are perfect for every occasion, work, leisure and even for ceremonies. In winter they become your best friends to match under the blazer or those hot October days where you want to wear some summer cloths.

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The floral
Who says it’s okay in spring time only? A top full embroidered with maxi flowers is ultra glamor also worn as under jacket in the early winter evenings, the best way to give color to the brisk evenings.

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It can become a jacket for summer breezes, in fact it will protect you from the wind on the seasides, in autumn it will be perfect on the carrot pants to go to the office.

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It is indisputably the cloth of the wardrobe most used by all women, versatile and comfortable. Perfect for fresh summer evenings or rainy days. For the winter instead, choosing between the strawberry and lemon colors you will have the feeling of an infinite summer.

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