Shopping trend: Christmas Dinner

Among parties, toasts, gifts to be packed and hectic days here that comes close the 25th of December. It’s time to pull out from the wardrobe the perfect dress, to do not make mistakes in front of the Christmas audiences.

Here there are our rules and our shopping ideas to shine at the Christmas Eve dinner and at the family lunch.

First rule: do not overdo it. Okay, it’s Christmas and all around you sparkle, but you should not necessarily look like a Christmas tree. Combine colors and prints with caution, calibrate details and you’re done. For lovers of pastel colors a lace skirt in nude tone becomes perfect with a soft blouse, while for the bravest ones a two-tones dress will make you feel unique.

Second rule: Distinguish yourself. Choose the traditional colors, but in their most modern nuances. Put on  check printed dresses, a long version with matt tights and velvet sandals, or the short one with a bikers gritty. For a touch of rouge noir instead you have to choose the wide pants in color black with a burgundy knitting jacket.

Third rule: Do not abandon your personality. Whether you subscribed to the lace or to jeans you can find a way to combine looks and instinct. A soft sweater in pure wool and lace worn with jeans or a beige lace dress with pleated skirt in color black and that’s it, the ultra romantic outfit is done.