Stars: The Eighties trend back in vogue!

The eighties was the time of the Pop-Rock music success, where the great artists created not only the most important songs, still famous nowadays, but also some important capitol of fashion. Which was the most popular symbol of that period? The star, worn as an accessory or reproduced on t-shirts or dresses by prints in strong and pop colors. The protagonist of a way of dress eccentric, nowadays this symbol is coming back on the runways, sometimes following that mood, while other times in a soft and light way. The question that comes very simple to our mind is: how to wear it today, to do not be excessive? On the contrary to be a strong and modern Princesse?

Here we come into play, with fun, but accessible proposals for everyone in color and mode of use!

For this season in fact we thought to create a lots of different cloths with this symbol, using it in a micro print with a male mood, as an application on dresses lined by tulle, or as an shinny embroidery on our famous “Princesse dress”, where the blin-blin is never enough!

Let’s go and see how to wear them.

Used as a micro print will be perfect for any occasion from the most casual to the more formal, from morning till night, as we always say “just change the accessories and the game is done”! We have been thinking about developing it on fluffy and lightweight georgette shirts and dresses that are perfect if combined with warm and comfortable sweaters. Or in combination with knitwear where the play of transparencies will make perfect any time of the day.

Used as an application or embroidery will be perfect for an afternoon with girlfriends or for a sparkling evening with your his. In this case you will have a dual use, in fact in the first version was developed on two very girly dresses, and in the second instead on two garments where the glitter will give your evenings really magical moments!

Look at the gallery below to choose the “star” you prefer!