Summer is long dress!

As we know in summer long dresses are really a must and even this season is no exception!
What are the latest trends on the subject? Which one to choose among the many proposals of the market? How and when to wear them?

Here’s what we have chosen for you:

  1. printed dresses, this year this category could not be more fashionable, so yes to macro floral designs or trompe l’oeil, maybe cut at the waist and with a very wide skirt. These are perfect for the most chic occasions such as weddings, but if combined with a flat sandal or a sneakers you can wear them for the most daily occasions.
  2. striped dresses, we adore this motif and in fact we thought and created a dress with embroidered bodice perfect for those summer evenings where the heat will not let you breathe!
  3. lace dresses, the feminine fabric par excellence, then a very large macramé and embroidered lace. So the ceremonies will become romantic and chic at the same time.
  4. embroidered dresses, we particularly love this category, that these are made of pailette, thread or applications does not matter. When you use them you will ask, the answer is very simple: ALWAYS! The accessory will be the only thing that will make your outfit more or less daily!

Look at our gallery to choose the garment you like best!