The great male classic that all women love: The white shirt

With the return of spring, blouses and tops come back to life in your closets and never like this year for the first warmth the white shirt is the answer … Sophisticated, but at the same time comfortable, this garment is really a must for this season. Evergreen of the female and male wardrobe, all of you have worn or owned one. So, now that it is back in vogue how to wear it and which model to buy?

There are those who love it in the classic version, then more masculine, those with ruffles and hyper feminine, those who are sleeveless … This spring you can indulge, the shape and how you can choose it, without worrying about not being fashionable, because with such a garment, you will always be perfect.
But we want to give you any advice about it anyway:

  1. for the beginning of the season, of course, we recommend a long-sleeved model. If you are “tired” of the more classic, we suggest you opt for one with ruffles and bell sleeves, or one very broad and fluffy, maybe even in a silky and light fabric. Match it with high-waisted trousers or a calf-length skirt and you’re done … Spring we’re ready!
  2. for summer instead we suggest a cotton poplin top, that is the classic shirt fabric, a little romantic and wide at the bottom. Perfect for the younger ones when paired with a shorts, or with a pair of light cotton trousers with macro patterns.

After our advice and our gallery below, you just have to go shopping!
To find out where to find the models in the gallery, look at the store nearest you!