Tic-Tac Christmas is coming, do you have the right outfit for celebrations?

Christmas is at the door and with it all the toasts, dinners and parties. What to wear to have a perfect look and not to go unnoticed?
Here are our tips not to miss a shot.

Rule number one: Every occasion has a very precise dress-code 
For a toast with colleagues it is better to wear a sober outfit, you will not want your boss to be dazzled by some shimmer too! So choose a dress with Christmas color, as bottle green or bordeaux and you are done.
For a party between friends, that is, the most anticipated occasion, because let’s tell the truth, is the only event that you will never and never miss. For this situation you can dare, so it is time to show shinny or lace dress. The party is yours so shine as never before!

Rule number two: The shape of the dress has its importance
During the pre-Christmas celebrations, you know, you tend to eat a little more, so the very adherent clothes are to be left in your wardrobe. The “salami” effect is never very chic and above all it will not make you feel comfortable. Better opt for more wide and soft cloths, you can express your femininity with transparencies. So welcome to the chemisier suits, comfortable blouses and wide trousers.

Rule number three: Accessories are fundamental
Everything you can “adorn” your clothes is welcome! So you can wear mega earrings and necklaces. You can also indulge in makeup, on these occasions eyes can become cat-eyes and mouths painted with red like beautiful roses. The most important accessory you can not leave is, however, your smile, show it to your liking and you will be perfect!

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