Valentine’s day: rouge noir

There are those who have already moved to reserve the best restaurant in the city, who will remain at home, and even those who are thinking about a romantic gateway. We’re just talking about Valentine’s Day, the most romantic holiday of the year. One thing is certain, if you’re coupled or single may be the perfect opportunity to add some seduction to your wardrobe and of course an excuse for a wild day of shopping.

Because Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, but for all the people who wants to celebrate love to, this can be with one you loved, with a friend or the family. So, change point of view and start now to choose your favorite look.

Obviously the right key is always to remain true to themselves, if you love to show off super sensual look is your time, but if you your sensuality lives in a pair of comfortable pants that you have already in your wardrobe, do not let them down, you can  rather wear them with something new making you that will make you feel special.

Take a look at sales and choose a dress printed with color rouge noir that will make you fell sensual, but without having that effect “Gabibbo” that sensuality has very little.Laces and transparencies are the most welcomed both to take with bell skirts or with trousers and heel 12. Or if you can not wait for the first shopping of the new summer collection, you can rather buy a raspberry tulle skirt  and wear it with tights, of course high heels are mandatory, this will make you feel perfect for the evening.

The look is ready and you too … But remember, if your he’s waiting for you under the house before going out leave a gap to wear his gift.
Hoping that he has peeked well in your wish list.

Look below the looks proposed also worn by our cherished bloggers.