Vertical and fluid, good morning plissé

For years now the pleats have walked the catwalks around the world and even today has not absolutely tired us. Everyone asks why and the answer is easy, this process is easy to wear, gives femininity to every garment and with its movement gives that I do not know to all women.

But what are the leaders that you should buy this year to be always fashionable?
The proposals are really many, in fact there are different types of pleats and each of these has a very different appearance.
We have thought about using two for this season.

The first one very thick that towards the bottom opens, giving each dress a lightness and unique fluidity.
The second one is a very regular one, which gives these pieces a sense of verticality and truly unmissable elegance.

But how to wear it? On what occasions?
We always tell you that the difference is made by the accessories, so depending on the occasion you have to choose the best one to make it suitable for the situation you have, this means that you can use it for both daily and cocktail occasions. .

Do not you believe it? Look at the gallery below.