Good morning England!

For this collection the check designs and the princes of Wales are the must-have, whether on dresses, blouses or pants these are really super inn. But how to match them so they do not go wrong and look old-fashioned?

These designs are something very classic for “the fashion world”, taken from the original English men’s cloths, today you can see them in a renovated version, funny and very cool.
Let’s go step by step and see one design at the time to understand how to wear it in the best way!

The check, recall the ballantyne style, already seen on a lot of knitwear during the beginning of the 2000, today it comes cool

Andiamo per gradi e affrontiamo un “disegno” per volta e capiamo come abbinarlo nel migliore dei modi!

The check, resembles a bit of the classic ballantyne, seen and revised in the early 2000s on many sweaters in different shades, today is back to limestone footsteps of cooler designers. We have studied two proposals for this reason:

  • on the soft and warm knitwear in the classic combo of green and burgundy but giving a glamor and sophisticated touch, by contrasting color borders
  • on dresses and blouses where the focus becomes the embroidered micro flower that makes it precious and romantic

How to wear?

Play with trousers with high waist and bell shape, white t-shirts or use them as scarves. The English touch will make you current and classic at the same time. For the maxi dress instead you can match it with a flat shoes and a mini pullover on the navy tones and the game is made. Your English touch will leave the mark.

The Prince of Wales check is the classic “fake-solid” on black and white tones that mixes the micro pied de poule with horizontal and vertical lines. Seen and revisited in the defilé of the 90’s of the greatest designers and then fell somewhat disused in the most modern times, nowadays it is reappeared in the trendiest boutiques.
We wanted to renovate and re-read it in a funny a young way, adding sequins to give lights and embroidered patch to give them a rock touch.

Since it is very simple to combinate, black and white can go with every colors, you can wear it with maxy coat, to have a man look, or you can create outfits using always this design, for those women who like to be more showy. Lastly you can wear it in the easiest way as a dress for casual occasion.