It’s time to wear the first outerwear, which how to choose?

In autumn, but especially in winter, coat is the most important cloth of the wardrobe, because just wearing it, you will solve all the problems of your outfit and even the most normal look will be perfect.
That’s why it is crucial to find out which are the most popular ones, in order to do not be unprepared, in fact in boutiques you can find a lots of interesting proposal, but which one is better to choose to be glamour?

Trends talk about of over, so it’s time to dare with long coats and with warm and soft cape.
As for coats, models that we will see and that will be impossible not to have will be the extra long ones that come to the ankles. To enhance the figure, the best are straight with a men shape, who will give you that glamorous touch that will be perfect with any cloths you wear underneath. Of the series, nothing under the coat!
We thought of two perfect options for you!

The one in double wool crepe, perfect for a theater evening or a romantic dinner, in fact even if temperature will become cooler, your boyfriend will warm you up in a tender hug.

Or to the most daily version in blended wool, warm and soft, perfect for a shopping trip with friends or for a day at work.

For all those women who, however, are “get crazy” in these seasons for hoods and cloaks, we have thought to offer you some really interesting options that you can use at any time.

The classic cape with fringes, comfortable to wear on clothes and trousers, will give you that country side touch so fashionable this season.

Or you can opt for a more chic version in double wool crepe, for those women who do not want to give up having a flawless style even during the cold winters!

See the gallery to choose the one you prefer!