It’s army time!

Feminine, ethereal, strong. This is how  Princesse Metropolitaine presents its woman who uses the military style as a glamorous detail of her wardrobe.

This winter the strictness of uniforms is combined with light fabrics and precious yarns that mixed together create a collection made by something new but with a strong recall to the evergreen of army.

It was the ’40s when the first uniforms were immortalized in photographs on eternal star as Marlene Dietrich, then we had to wait the 60’s to see the uniforms converted into safari jackets from exquisite flavor. Since those years, the military trend is no longer out of fashion and now patches, reinvented in a contemporary way, become the perfect decor detail for autumn look.

A funny style, suitable for the happy-hour, but also for an afternoon of shopping with girl friends. Princesse Metropolitaine makes this one of its trends, redesigning its knitwear, pieces that cannot miss in every wardrobe, with glamorous military details. An indispensable piece choosing cardigan worn with jeans or with a capri pant or for a bon ton look you can choose the dress with bikers boots.

Now you have only to choose the best for you.