Tic Tac … It’s time for Christmas outfit

It seems that has passed just a blink of an eye since we thought about it last year, while here we are. It ‘s time to concentrate the thought and all the shopping to the most glittering and festive month of the year: December. It is the month of party, aperitifs with bubbles and Christmas tree. So, after choosing your decorations, it’s time to think about the perfect look for an afternoon with friends at the scent of cinnamon and … To each her style.

Bon ton: if the femininity is your mantra, and you’re not going to abandon romantic dresses and delicate tones even for Christmas, you are satisfied! You can opt for the soft round neck sweater with printed silk detail with a polka dot design to be worn with classic man’s trousers and a pair of  flat mary jane shoes in powder velvet.

Red passion: everybody know that red is the color of the Christmas tradition and for this year you can distinguish yourself by opting for new shades ultra fashion: rust tone.  So the outfit is as follow: rust pants to wear with ultra-feminine silk blouse and a men’s shoes, for lovers of clothes in front of the fireplace, you can choose for a polka-dot dress with flounces.

Sparkling afternoon: even at teatime sometimes few glistening details are ok and can’t you to say no to them? Then select a check dress with applications on the collar and it’s done!
Tradition and shimmer are served.

The fashion outfits for an afternoon with hot chocolate, chatter and Christmas decorations is served.