Lace moment

The Lace Dress

Every woman in her wardrobe should possess at least one, no matter the shape, color or type, this is the quintessential symbol of femininity. Remember it, always!

In last seasons lace made its big comeback becoming a fabric used by the most important designers, sought by the fashion-victims and proposed by fashion bloggers for different occasions on their blogs.
We decided for this collection to develop models suitable for every occasion and body shape.
In fact we wanted to think about the needs of women and we have also studied the outfits that might be comfortable, but at the same time super fashionable. A woman does not want and can never abandon his feminine side.
So we thought to more daily clothing with long sleeves and straight shape, to garments with transparencies or major volumes that are more for special occasion until you get to clothing from multiple use and the sportier look.

Now you just need to look at the gallery below and pick your favorite!