Pleated affairs

After years of “exile” from the fashion scene, the pleated effect came back to tread the catwalks and return to be part of those classic and timeless working that every woman wants to have in her wardrobe.
This season, in fact, the pleated garments are very popular and all the fashion bloggers and influencers may not want to do without it!
And you, what are you waiting to have one you too?

We wanted to develop it in a particular and not usual way, choosing to use a wool and heavy fabric and took details from sports world in order to have a strong streetwear connotation. In this way they became very daily, funny and  suitable for every situation.
This type of treatment has the characteristic of not scoring the body but, to make it still very feminine and ethereal, and in this regard we have created some outfits that might be perfect for every type of woman.

Here below you will find a small gallery in which you can find our proposal.
At this point we just have to tell you, just do it!