Let the wedding season begin: Are you ready?

The wedding season is upon us and all of us just hearing that word we begin to worry about the look to show off.
But what are the rules that we really need to follow in order not to make mistakes?

Here is our smart guide:

  1. show off a dress in the same color of the one chosen by the bride. It is not necessarily white. Today it is fashionable to marry also in pink, while for second wedding, often opts for pastel shades. We advise you to ask your closest relatives to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  2. if you are a friend of the couple, better to wear the shade that comes closest to the “wedding color”. If everything has been done properly, you will find some suggestions on the participations.
  3. colors to avoid: black, usually used for mourning, red, considered too flashy, and purple, because it is linked to superstition. One of these nuances can be worn if only if it is the color chosen by the bride.
  4. bright colors: yes or no? Better to abandon the idea if you want to wear a fluo total look, while the primary or bright colors are recommended if the outfit is rather minimal. Also rejected all the fantasies that look too summer, or kaleidoscopic ones.
  5. gold, silver and bronze? you have to absolutely avoid the total look version. Metallic colors, on the other hand, are perfect for small details, such as shoes, a clutch, a scarf or a hair clip.
  6. Can you wear a color that is in fashion? If it does not fit in the previous indications, absolutely yes. Our advice is to choose the color to wear at the wedding, according to the season in which it will be held: lighter colors, tending to pastel, if it is in spring; cooler and brighter shades, if it’s summer

Are you still confused? Look at our gallery with some really interesting proposals!