Summer Vichy: ladylike style

The ’50s are coming back and their taste too, so exquisitely bon ton. To give the magical touch of those years is the vichy fabric or, more easily, a tablecloth fabric. Because in fact it is a bit like that, white and blue squares that recalls the tablecloths used by grandmothers on the tables during the  Sunday’s picnic, but since its birth in France, they found their second chance painting clothing, accessories, stockings, Shoes and becoming an ultra trendy detail.

A perfect design for a day outdoors, for a day trip or for a weekend getaway in the countryside or on the hillside, you can wear it in the crop top version with a jeans or choosing a palace or carrot pants.

Bloggers and actresses have fallen in love with this fantasy!

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For those who would like to wear it for even more elegant occasions, we have thought of a more chic revision on a transparent couch fabric. Perfect for the ceremonies that run in this period.

In the beginning, maybe you will feel a little bit of courage, but when you have tried it and you will feel chic as Brigitte Bardot we are sure you will not regret it.

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