Trends 2017: nevermore without raspberries

Do you remember that blinding fuchsia? What it says is beautiful, but I have no courage to wear it. Here’s the fashion that comes with relief with much more glamorous shades and, in short, even easier to wear. Let’s talk about the colors of the red fruits. Strawberry, raspberry and currant.

Nuance that at the first real sunburning rays we can pull out of the closet and show off with the first tanning without looking frowning. A real sprint in the easy-to-carry wardrobe and also to match, perfect for a day out of work, but also for your casual-friday. Even in this case, there is every taste for it, white fans can choose a soft blush with light decor effect and courageous wearing an ultra-colored graphic print with yellow hints (another ultra-trendy color just so you know it).

No, we have not forgotten you office women with an high waisted carrot trouser that will, with its color, also capture the irreducible black at all costs and with the tulle skirt that will make you feel less rigid even sitting behind a desk.

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