It’s a skirts passion! Which one should I choose?

We have always been accustomed to seeing skirts worn by beautiful women with more than perfect bodies, but in fact this garment can be used by anyone, you just have to choose the one that best suits your body and needs! For this Spring Summer 2017 collection, Princesse Metropolitaine has studied several solutions, ranging from pleated mini to midi in plumetis to finish with maxi ones with pleated effect.

Let’s go into details.
The mini, created by the famous Mary Quant in the ’60s, is really an evergreen that we all wore at least once in life. The etiquette teaches that after the thirty years old this should not be worn anymore. In our opinion there is no a false rule than this! The miniskirt can be worn at all ages: from 15, like 20, 30, 40 or 50, the imperative is to have beautiful legs, the right spirit and above all not to overdo with the length of the same, especially when you are away from youth. If you show your legs, the upper body should not be too nude! Our proposals for this “size” are pleated skirt printed in stiff fabric to those in tulle fluttering. Perfect for any occasion, from casual to chic, the difference in this case will be made shoes that you wear, sporty sneaker for a day-to-day look, daring sandal for tasty events and evenings.

The midi, now very fashionable, is perfect for tall women, but with the right tricks it will be charming on each of you. High waist and heels, can be just the right details that will make this garment perfect even for mini-women. In this case, being much more “covered” the necklines are absolutely welcome. So let’s get dressed with tulle, like a ballerina,  to wear with the classic and adorable white t-shirt or with more shiny blouses or tops … the result will be guaranteed.

Finally, for the summer you can not miss the long skirt up to the ground, perfect for all physicists, covering your legs, even the most fearful and insecure women will feel light and pretty. Even in this case, favorite the ones with high waist, will slim your shape and make it look thin. This length is really an evergreen from countless seasons and surely each of you has at least one in the closet. For this collection we have thought to impress you with a printed and pleated skirt, with bright colors and a bit of a seventies flavor.

Now that you have all the right information you can choose the one you like best!