Wedding time: but how should I dress?

Spring has arrived and with it here we are with the invitations for weddings and consequently comes out the regular question: how should I dress? Banished the black, the white and outfits too casual or too open, therefore the only option that remains is to choose the perfect mise.

We advise you to opt for an easy dress that you can wear again just playing with accessories. First of all if you want to be the perfect invited you have to choose the look based on the location and time of the ceremony.

During the day in a casual location? It’s time to unsheathe the use of prints, perhaps even with delicate tones but with an optical look to have a mix of modern and chic, pair it with a flat sandal and you will conjugate elegance and comfort.

If your girlfriend has chosen a romantic location, ultra chic and lit by candles and soft lighting, heelless shoes are banned, it’s time to show off neutral colors that touch the gray and veer to the most delicate pink, you can choose dresses in textured fabrics that will give a three-dimensional and researched aspect or an embroidered lace in powdered pink tones.

The perfect outfit is done!