Three Trends that can not miss in the wardrobe

Every year has its trends, but how to understand what are the ones to copy and what to avoid?
We have created a mini ranking of the three key trends you can not miss!


They are exaclty the same of white t-shirts: it’s a must have that can be combined with everything, in fact they have 9 lives as cats! This fantasy has been already seen for some season in the catwalks and we can assure you that it won’t miss even in the upcoming collections! For us it is a true evergreen, and we thought to develop it in all possible ways, on embroidered t-shirts, on dresses with jacquard fabrics and even on as a print. In short, there are all tastes and colors! For those more sporty women we always recommend using it as casual as possible, so on t-shirts or blouses, instead for all those who like to feel a bit of the Princesse we have thought of completely striped clothing that will not let you go unnoticed!
Even our beloved fashion bloggers have created really cool looks with this fantasy.

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Floral motifs

In the spring we know the strongest trends are floral motifs, an evergreen that never goes out of fashion. For this season, we thought of printing that enclosed this concept and somehow combined it with geometric lines, the result is romantic but modern and dynamic, perfect for those women who do not want to give up everyday convenience!

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Athletic inspiration

We can call it simple elegance, the influence of the athletics world on fashion pieces will be a cult this year. So let’s open up our mind to  jogging trousers and t-shirts with sporty tastes. Sometimes we all want to feel comfortable, but maintaining a touch of femininity. These two garments this season are really cool, so we have to take advantage of it! Wide trousers on the thigh and bottom are perfect with a pair of colorful sneakers, sometimes comfort is IN!

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