Dreaming of a weekend away

Let’s face it, this 2020 has started in the most unexpected way possible and all we would like to do now is go out and maybe leave for a weekend away, not necessarily going who knows where, but just for the sake of being able to escape a little!

Pastel colors

It is absolutely impossible to imagine a spring without pastel colors, isn’t it?

In love with flare trousers

Chic but also comfortable because they are wide and soft. Wide trousers have conquered the hearts of many of us in recent seasons.

flounces, flounces and more flounces!

Here is the latest trend that we present for this season … The flounces! This year, whether they are mini or maxi, the flounces will cover dresses, tops and skirts, making them very chic and fun! What do you think about it?

Without floral what spring would it be?

We are not talking about a great novelty but rather a great and immortal evergreen. Which for many of us is always very reassuring, because it is true that changes, even in terms of fashion, are always liked, are renewed and reinvented with great ease, but every now and then the “firm points” give everyone […]

Nostalgia operation: tops with thin straps

For some time now, many have been focusing on this so-called “nostalgia operation”, but what does it actually mean? And how does it really affect our wardrobe?

The must is to shine

In a season devoted to girly-style, could the sparkle be missing? Of course not! For the next spring summer 2020, in fact, the watchword for all the party girls listening will be: “cover me with glitter and sequins!

Pink is the new obsession

Pink will be the new obsession of summer 2020, the catwalks tell us. Well yes, the most girly color ever comes back to the fore with 50 and more shades ready to conquer the wardrobe of it-girls.